RHA (Rhygate Homeowner's Association)

RHA Board of Directors Meetings

The RHA Board meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. Since the meetings are held in Board members homes, seating is limited. Homeowners may contact Board members to learn about matters being considered by the Board and/or to present issues to the Board. Homeowners may also attend Board meetings. To attend and/or to speak for up to five minutes at the beginning of the meeting, please contact a Board member in advance. Comments and inquiries can be sent directly to all Board members via the community website HERE.

RHA Annual Meeting

An annual meeting is held in October. All homeowners and residents are encouraged to attend. Meeting materials, including proxies, are sent to all homeowners at least 30 days before the meeting.

RHA Board of Directors

The RHA is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. Members are elected to three-year terms at the annual meeting of the Association. The powers and duties of the Board are set forth in the Covenants, By-Laws, and Resolutions. Among other duties and responsibilities, the Board enforces the Association’s governing documents, enforces the architectural and maintenance regulations, adopts policies, enters into contracts for maintenance of the common grounds, oversees contractors, administers an annual budget and homeowners’ assessments, and publishes periodic newsletters and directories. For more information, see the Governing Documents Section of this website. Members of the Board are listed in the Rhygate Directory.

RHA Assessment

The homeowner’s assessment for 2024 is $535.00 per quarter. The late fee is 20%. Rhygate’s financial services agent, East Coast Management & Consulting Services, sends billings for the quarterly assessments, and payments should be made to East Coast. Homeowners may contact East Coast with questions about the assessment or about their account status. East Coast’s contact information is (703) 569-9880, 8107 Ainsworth Avenue, Springfield, VA 22152.

Exterior Changes

The Board of Directors, via the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), must approve all exterior changes (e.g., painting, doors, fences, and windows) prior to commencement of work. The regulations governing such exterior changes are set forth in the Board Resolution No. 7, of the (ACC Guidelines).

The ACC meets on the first Tuesday of each month to consider applications for additions or changes to the exterior of Rhygate properties. Please consult the ACC guidelines for details. To provide enough time for the Committee to properly review applications, ask questions, and be adequately prepared to submit recommendations to the Board, please submit applications at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Except for emergency repairs, applications received just before the ACC meeting will be deferred to the next month.

> Click here to download ACC Guidelines (PDF)

> Click here to download the ACC application for home exterior changes (PDF)